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ohai! See now I have a dreamwidth, and I'm using thiis for

a) Pictures of my game

b) Downloads

c) Rambling

d) Stuff that's not sims-related :P but sill not quite rambling

e) Perhaps the legacy that I'm planning to make(:

Downloads will be both available at my LJ and here :D and that's it, in the future I'll have here a list of content but right now it's useless since I don't have much content lol
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Hi :D I am posting something!! O:
Sooooo, I wanted to do a legacy, but I decided to do an asylum challenge so I can choose the legacy founder :P but I'm not following any asylum rules, just doing what I remember (because I once read the asylum challenge rules), and I'm not controlling anyone just watching and taking pictures :P talking about pictures, they are edited just to add brightness and contrast (some of them also blurred) and... enjoy(? haha :) and everything is purple because I am doing a rainbow legacy with the "winner" and I'm starting with purple :D

Day 01 :) )

Also, now I have account so add me if you want to :)
here: :P
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Hello :D I decided to use pooklet's colors and textures for
Rose's hair bow, mainly because I wanted it to match the hairs I have (because I don't use rose's textures) and because it really looks like Lady GaGa's bow <3

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fofo-16 @ livejournal did this, so I decided to do it aswell :D

Check the bands you’ve HEARD OF. Not just the ones you like. Be honest people!
If you really have never heard of them. Don’t mark it. it just makes you look fake.

... )

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Copied from my LJ:

Hi, I uploaded this to GoS and cuz I'm lazy I'm uploading here until now xD
I've made contacts out of CuriousB's edits of Jesstheex' edits of Yumedust's EyeLove eyeset.
Which I've already made defaults.


Bleh! )
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Copied from my LJ:

Hey! I have something to celebrate for, I actually did something! :O 

These are defaults of CuriousB's edits of Jesstheex's edits of Yumedust's EyeLove eyeset, which is my favorite eyeset and the only one I ever use :)

These are mix-and-match.. or something xD if you want a color that wasn't included feel free to ask me, it'll only take me some minutes, and that's it 



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